Talent Acquisition Technology is Receiving a lot of Attention


Talent-acquisition technology is becoming an integral part of business success in today’s highly competitive labor market.

While each stage of talent acquisition is important for finding quality hires, Brandon Hall Group research shows the interview process is the most crucial step in hiring. Our 2018 candidate experience survey reveals that 40% of companies feel a bad interview is the biggest influencer of a bad hire.

Talent-acquisition technology is key to scaling your organization’s hiring process and finding quality hires, but don’t forget the human element. Candidates must feel they are valued and treated fairly. Set realistic expectations, communicate throughout the process and treat them with respect and consideration.” – Daria Friedman, Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst at Brandon Hall Group

A broken interview practice is a key indicator to a potential employee of what other aspects of the company are like. How candidates are treated during, before during and after the interview provides a sample of the way they will be treated by the company going forward.

It is essential that companies provide candidates with a great interview experience, so they will know if your company is right for them. It is also important to present an authentic image of your company and its culture during this step or you could end up hiring the wrong candidate and waste your talent-acquisition resources.

Our upcoming talent acquisition webinars provide all you need to know about creating an exceptional candidate experience and hiring the best people for your company.

Meet Daria Friedman, Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst at Brandon Hall Group

Daria Friedman is the Principal Analyst for the Talent Acquisition and Engagement practices at Brandon Hall Group. As an Analyst, Daria analyzes trends in the market, advises clients on how to improve their practices/programs, conducts solution provider briefings, leads webinars and workshops, and has authored numerous blogs and research studies.


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