Thinking of Replacing Your LMS?

Does your organization use an LMS? If so, chances are pretty good that you are looking to replace it. According to Brandon Hall Group’s most recent Learning Technology Trends Survey, 44% of companies with learning technology are looking to replace their solution within the next two years. The number one reason for replacement? The need for a better user experience, cited by 87% of the companies looking to switch. shutterstock_361754024

There are many other reasons companies want to move to a new solution, including better reporting, smoother integration, and a need for mobile capabilities. But improved end-user and administrator experiences are number and two, respectively, and by a wide margin.

Brandon Hall Group will take a deep dive on both of these issues, LMS replacement and user experience, in a pair of upcoming webinars. The first, Breaking Up With Your Current LMS: Finding a Better Fit and Navigating Change, will focus on LMS replacement. This webinar, featuring myself and Saba’s Caitlin Bigsby at 1pm Aug. 30, will arm you with the critical steps for making the decision and following through. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s an impossible task and your organization couldn’t possibly extricated itself from its current platform. Companies make this switch all the time. With proper planning and change management efforts, you can make sure your organization has the technology necessary to help learning boost organizational performance.

The second webinar is a Brandon Hall Group Research Spotlight: Improving the Employee Experience. This session, slated for 1pm ET Aug. 31, is going to look at the importance of delivering effective, engaging experiences via technology throughout the entire employee life cycle. This webinar will feature a panel of Brandon Hall Group Analysts – myself Daria Friedman and Cliff Stevenson — so it is a great opportunity to get a broad HCM technology perspective and ask questions.

David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group



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David Wentworth