To Scale Learning Quickly, Learn the 4Rs of Rapid eLearning

Upskilling employees at the speed of business is among the top challenges for learning organizations in 2023, according to the latest Learning Benchmarking study from Brandon Hall Group™. Limited time, budget and staff add to the obstacles to high-quality learning experiences.

CommLab India, a Brandon Hall Group™ Gold Smartchoice® Preferred Provider, has developed a creative approach to learning design that empowers learning organizations to quickly design, develop and roll out eLearning courses while maintaining quality and innovation.

Rapid eLearning is facilitated by four pillars that CommLab India CEO and Co-Founder Dr. RK Prasad calls the 4Rs. They help you convert conventional training material — live courses, classroom training material, etc. — into more interactive and engaging learning experiences. Here is a quick synopsis of the 4 Rs:

  • Redesign ILT to Online Learning. In-person and virtual instructor-led training can be time-consuming and expensive to produce, but the content can be redesigned into shorter, more compelling online experiences, ideally as modules that can be asynchronous or sequential, depending on the need. ILT can also be converted into online performance support assets, which are increasing in use and popularity, our research shows.
  • Record to Save Subject Matter Experts Time. Leveraging the talents of SMEs is critical for high-quality learning content, but it is challenging for them to write or review content given their other responsibilities. CommLab India suggests asking SMEs for a rough PowerPoint deck with their content ideas along with a voice recording explaining the key details. The instructional design team takes over from there. All the SMEs need to do is a final review, dramatically reducing their time commitment while ensuring technical accuracy of courses.
  • Rebuild Legacy Courses as Microlearning. Employers are 21% more likely to rate microlearning as highly effective than ILT or eLearning courses, our Learning Benchmarking study shows. Microlearning is also projected to grow in use more than eLearning. Therefore, rebuilding lengthy eLearning courses into microlearning makes a lot of sense.
  • Republish for Mobile Compatibility. Legacy courses are always of some use, even if they are not compatible with mobile devices. The Republish strategy empowers you to repurpose content for use on any device by using new authoring tools.

This generation of learners expects a far greater range of learning experiences. The 4 Rs make the most of content you already have, saving money and time and improving learning completion rates and business impact.

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