Two Surveys Worth a Few Minutes of Your Time: Assessments and Talent Risks

Lorie's BlogHave you ever been faced with a business decision and needed input?  Do you “do your homework” before making crucial decisions within your organization?  Making decisions, whether large or small, are most often based on reviewing data.  Considering data helps organizations make informed business decisions and these decisions, whether good or bad, can change people’s lives.

Right now, Brandon Hall Group is collecting valuable data through research surveys on Assessments and Talent Risks. We invite you to participate in either or both of these surveys. If you are a Learning, HR, Talent or Operations professional, your participation is crucial. The surveys will take only a few minutes of your time, but will help create high-value data for you and your colleagues. Take a closer look at each survey’s objectives, and we look forward to your participation. 

Assessment Survey

Many decisions are considered by reviewing assessment data.  In general, an assessment is a tool that can be used to help someone make a judgment.  The term assessment is used widely and for many purposes within the Learning, HR, and Talent Management communities and help to inform decision- makers at all levels of an organization. Brandon Hall Group is undertaking a research effort to help organizations understand not only how assessments have been used in the past but the possibilities and risks inherent in how they will be used in the future.  If people data will be informing our business decisions of the future, then it is imperative that we understand where that data has come from, in what context it should be viewed, and the power it contains to change people’s lives.

This specific survey is focused on looking at the assessment market holistically, understanding how the various assessments are being used and how that data is being transformed into business decisions. We value your input and time, and will provide a full summary of the survey findings following the close of the survey.

Talent Risk Survey

What do most CEOs rank as their top three biggest concerns in today’s economic climate? Managing, developing and retaining people, or “talent.”  Does your organization have the ability to create and maintain the size and shape of workforce needed to deliver its business plan?  Does your organization have a sufficient pipeline for future leaders?

Brandon Hall Group is also conducting a research survey to analyze organizations’ talent management risks, how those risks are perceived, and how they are mitigated. Specifically, we will ask around the areas of capacity, cost, capability, connection, and compliance.

Again, we understand that your time is very valuable; however, your participation in these surveys are a crucial part of assisting Brandon Hall Group in doing what we do best . . . analyzing research data and providing advisory services to assist you and your organization to make the best possible decisions.

We are happy to share the results of these important survey findings with you.  After the survey closes, we will provide a full summary along with an award-winning case study.

So, please accept our invitation to participate in these surveys . . .you’ve nothing to lose, except a few minutes of your time; and, everything to gain, when we are able to provide you with Research-Powered Resources™ that Empowers Excellence in Organizations™.

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