Brandon Hall Group Releases New Mobile Learning Research

Mobile Learning PerspectiveSurvey shows that 73% of organizations are using mobile learning in some form and 87% plan to increase their use of mobile in the next year; High-Performing Organizations lead others in sophistication of mobile use.

Delray Beach, FL – Nov. 12, 2013 – New research by Brandon Hall Group shows that mobile learning is gaining momentum and is proving to be effective, with high-performing organizations leading the way and 87% of organizations intending to increase their use over the next 12 months.

The study, conducted by Senior Learning Analyst David Wentworth, is based on an online survey and subsequent interviews conducted in September-October 2013. A total of 278 responses were received from a wide variety of industries and company sizes. The survey included 35 questions, including demographic questions. This data will provide the foundation for additional interviews and research papers concerning Mobile Learning.

Overall, 73% of respondents to the survey said they are actively involved in some form of mobile learning. Most organizations – 79% — are doing so without a formal strategy, but 75% of the organizations without a strategy said they are developing one.

In the industry perspective piece reporting the major findings of the survey, Wentworth writes that those organizations that are higher performers — defined as companies having increased revenues and improved a majority of their key performance indicators over the previous year — are doing more with mobile learning than organizations in general. All of the high-performing companies in the survey were doing at least some mobile learning delivery. High performers also use apps and mobile Learning Management System platforms to a greater extent than other organizations.

“There is huge potential in being able to deliver learning to people anywhere and anytime they need it,” said Senior Learning Analyst David Wentworth, who wrote the industry perspective piece and specializes in researching mobile learning and social learning. “High-performing organizations recognize this and are taking the lead in adopting mobile learning as an integral part of their overall learning strategies. Our research shows that mobile learning will only continue to grow in importance, and at a rapid pace.”

Said Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke: “This report is the first of several that will provide important insights into how organizations are taking steps to realize the potential of mobile learning as a major catalyst to create just-in-time, when-you-need-it learning that can drive breakthrough business results. This report shows that businesses have made major strides in the last year, with much more to come. Brandon Hall Group is dedicated to bring our clients that latest data on this important topic.”

For additional information about the research please contact CEO Mike Cooke: (561) 865-5017 or [email protected]

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