Brandon Hall Group Research Published March 27 – April 2

Last week Brandon Hall Group published 18 new resources –  1 new proprietary research resource, 8 award-winning technology reviews from the 2016 Tech Awards, 1 Solution Provider Profile, 1 webinar, 1 blog and 6 HCMx Radio Podcast.

Below we make public some of these resources (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

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Here is an overview of research released March 27 – April 2:

New Research Reports

The State of Recruitment Marketing (KnowledgeGraphic)

Recruitment Marketing — an absolute necessity to compete for scarce talent — is still in the early stages of development for most organizations, according to Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 research. Less than 10% of organizations overall have a fully integrated recruitment marketing strategy, and less than 40% treat it as a strategic priority linked to organizational performance. But those that do are experiencing a very positive impact on key metrics.


Award-Winning Technology Reviews

Award-winning reviews of technology advances from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Technology Awards are beginning to be released this week:

Hurix Empowers eBook Publishers, Institutions and Educators (Tech Review)

Hurix Systems’ KITABOO® is an eBook publishing platform that empowers mobile learning solutions for institutions, educators and global educational publishers such as McGraw Hill and Pearson. Users can create eBooks easily from PDF files and enhance content by using audio, video, images, web links, and assessments. Learners can use their mobile devices to complete assignments or collaborate with their peers or their teachers.

Conduent Makes it Easy to Customize Complex Training (Tech Review)

Conduent built a Learner Community platform that makes it possible for non-programmers to customize highly complex features and manage blended and self-directed education. The Learner Community plugs into any people management system, such as payroll, a non-profit association, or a legacy LMS. A defining capability is the Learning Product, which offers opportunities to develop education journeys that include pause points to allow students time to practice the learning.

TrainingToday Increases Multi-Media Interaction for Workplace Safety (Tech Review)

TrainingToday learning experts collaborated with attorneys to increase multi-media in the suite of resources in the Workplace Safety library. For such courses, the company uses the latest state-specific information available for all 50 states.  As one client said, “They use real attorneys to explain the dos and don’ts, and the videos are very well done.”

Allen Communication Creates Portals for Firms Selling to External Clients (Tech Review)

Allen Communication partnered with CEB to create a portal that could be used with CEB employees and as part of its products and services for clients. Allen built a single portal that provides three unique front-ends for each business unit, and tools and resources for different job roles within each of those units. CEB pays one price for multiple LMS implementations rather than a per-user fee, allowing the company to grow the number of users quickly without increasing its costs. Users only see one seamless experience that includes courses, progress maps, leaderboards, competency tracking, skill grids and information libraries.

ScienceMedia Offers Microlearning for Top-Tier Medical Science Training (Tech Review)

ScienceMedia provides medical training in a microlearning format that can be customized by combining topics and offering longer courses. The company’s SMi Source™ has a cloud-based library with more than 14,000 topics and related multimedia courses.  Even a course with a specialized medical topic such as a cardiovascular monitor can be developed easily without the need for a training professional, medical writer or graphic artist.

ECHO Improves Long-Term Learning Retention (Tech Review)

ECHO is a learning reinforcement solution that combines mobile, cloud, and artificial intelligence technologies to make learning enduring.  By combining well-timed reinforcement practices, dynamic quizzes, and mobile capabilities, ECHO improves employees’ long-term retention of what they learned in the initial training. In this way, ECHO can substantially boost the outcome of most corporate training programs.

Using Blended Learning to Address the Youth Drug Epidemic (Tech Review)

The Robert Crown Centers for Health Education, in the Chicago metropolitan area, partnered with Reflection Software to develop a story-based blended learning program to educate middle school and high school youth on the dangers of heroin addiction. The program reached more than 7,000 high school and middle school students in four large countries over the past few years. In 2015, RCC turned to Reflection again to create an immersive and creative module to expand the knowledge of risky behaviors associated with marijuana use in a curriculum for alochol/marijua prevention.

Britannica Optimizes Training for Highly Regulated Sectors (Tech Review)

Britannica Knowledge Systems evolved its training management platform to optimize program design, compliance, and certification for operational readiness of highly regulated organizations. The robust Fox product specializes in the civil aviation, defense finance sectors where compliance is meticulously monitored by governing bodies and essential for employees to perform their duties.


Solution Provider Profile

Solution Provider Profile: OpenSesame (2017)

This solution provider profile features OpenSesame, a provider of on-demand eLearning courses for the enterprise. Leading organizations depend on OpenSesame to train millions of employees. With thousands of business safety, technology, and compliance courses, OpenSesame helps train organizations of any size. The profile features insights by David Wentworth, principal learning analyst for Brandon Hall Group.



The Workforce is Learning Differently. What Does it Mean for the Digital CLO? (Webinar)

Organizational learning is always evolving, but it seems that we have reached a point in time when it is changing more rapidly than companies can keep up with. The changes are both dramatic and incremental, and coming from every direction. David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Kelly Palmer, CLO with Degreed, look at how the necessary skills, roles and responsibilities within the learning function are nearly unrecognizable from just a few years ago. They explored research and discuss trends, as well as highlight some organizations that have made, or are making, the change.

Research Spotlight: The Three Most Important Things You Need to Know About Team Development (Webinar)

Team development is a critical component of talent, leadership and learning development within all functions of an organization. With globalization, competitive market environments, product innovation and dispersed workforces, highly productive teams are integral to the success of any organization. Though interest in developing teams is of critical importance to organizations, our research finds that nearly 68% of organizations felt that they were not investing enough time and budget for team development based on their results and only 9% of organizations have a long-term strategy to improve team development.



Only 1 in 10 Organizations Have High-Level Recruitment Marketing Practices

Brandon Hall Group’s research always has a unique perspective and I am excited to tell you that our soon to-be-published recruitment marketing study takes this approach to a new level. We have developed an incredible maturity model based on how organizations manage their people, processes, and technologies to achieve an optimal recruitment marketing practice. And then we looked at the impact of the different maturity levels on key metrics and uncovered some reasons why organizations are having difficulty at achieving success in this area.


HCMx Radio

HCMx Radio 58: HCM Excellence 17 Live Interview with Alex Goryachev from Cisco

Guest: Alex Goryachev, Senior Director, Innovation Strategy and Programs, Cisco Corporate Strategic Innovation Group Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer and HCM Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group About Alex Goryachev Alex began his Cisco journey in 2004 with a singular focus: Innovation.

HCMx Radio 57: HCM Excellence 17 Live Interview with David Solot from Caliper

Guest: David Solot, SVP of Client Services, Caliper Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer and HCM Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group About David Solot Dr. Solot has worked with Caliper since 2002, delivering on-site client engagements and workshops as well as consulting with and leading account teams for Fortune 500 and global companies.

HCMx Radio 56: HCM Excellence 17 Live Interview with Mary Andrade from McKinsey & Company

Guest: Mary Andrade, Director of Learning Design and Development, McKinsey & Company Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer and HCM Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group About Mary Andrade Mary is the head of McKinsey & Company’s Learning Design & Development Center of Excellence and a member of CLO Nick van Dam’s leadership team.

HCMx Radio 55: HCM Excellence 17 Live Interview with Mike Pino – GE Crotonville

Guest: Mike Pino – Digital Learning Leader – GE Crotonville Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer and HCM Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group Mike Pino is a senior learning technologist who, in January 2014, joined GE’s world-famous Crotonville Leadership Development team to advance the company’s strategy and learning technologies.

HCMx Radio 54: Live Interview with Chantelle Nash – General Electric

Guest: Chantelle Nash – Program Manager, Digital Learning and Engagement, General Electric Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer and HCM Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group About Chantelle Nash Chantelle has seven years of experience in global L&D, encompassing training design and development, communications, project management, social leadership and community management.

HCMx Radio 53: HCM Excellence 17 live interview with Deb Arnold

DEB ARNOLD, INK. SPOT-ON BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Guest: Deb Arnold, Global Learning Awards Expert, Chief Winning Officer at Deb Arnold, Ink. Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer and HCM Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group About Deb Arnold A 25+ year marketing communications veteran, Deb Arnold helps top learning leaders spread great ideas, empower teams and build brands through industry recognition.

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