Help Managers Help You

In previous blogs that Brandon Hall Group has done in this series, we emphasized improving the employee experience, and for good reason. Employees are often asked to work in new and volatile environments. What we haven’t discussed is that one of the best ways organizations can help their employees is by helping their managers. 

Managers must manage their own stress, help their employees manage their stress, track and manage a more remote workforce – and do it all in an environment of continuous change and economic uncertainty. They can’t handle all that without support. Organizations must create opportunities for managers to learn how to work in this new environment. 

What helps managers most is having tools to navigate hybrid work environments, specifically workforce and engagement analytics. With Quantum Workplace’s Intelligence Analytics managers can get all of the data that is pertinent to employee success in one easy-to-understand dashboard.

Brandon Hall Group research shows that only 21% of organizations get their managers the resources needed to produce a meaningful result when they undertake initiatives that require data analysis. If your organization is attempting to increase engagement through more recognition, or more frequent check-ins, you need powerful tools that can do things like text analytics or trend analysis. How else can you tell what initiatives are having success?

Nearly all workforce software providers offer analytics, but the secret is in the types of analytics offered. Simply seeing how many employees report being unhappy is ground-level analytics – important to know but doesn’t give you the overview truly needed to see the big picture and take action. To truly support your managers (and thus all your employees), it is important to give them the tools they need to make a real business impact.

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