The role Learning & Development plays in most organizations has become more strategic recently, and with that change comes added layers of complexity. L&D teams are finding they need new skills, technology, and content to keep up with the rapidly changing business. It can be extremely challenging. More than 90% of companies in Brandon Hall Group’s Transforming Learning for the Future of Work study say, at least to some degree, that their learning organization does not have the people, time, and financial resources to support their future skill development needs.

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice Preferred Provider DelphianLogic is completely in synch with this shift and acutely understands the associated challenges. That is why they are transforming how they work with their clients. The goal is to simplify and streamline the solutions for the different needs companies have and tackle them as a part of four distinct service offerings. 

They are:

  • Learning Experience Centers. This is where DelphianLogic partners with clients to design and develop impactful and engaging learning content. Whether microlearning, games, or full-blown courses, DelphianLogic creates learner-centric experiences designed to resonate with modern learners.
  • Managed Learning Services. For those organizations that simply do not have the talent resources or skills required to execute their strategy, DelphianLogic can act as a resource augmentation. Whether short or long-term, companies partner with DelphianLogic to scale their L&D capabilities as required.
  • Learning Products. Managing a modern learning technology ecosystem can be challenging. DelphianLogic analyzes its clients’ needs to determine just which tools and solutions make the most sense. They can augment their enterprise-grade LMS framework, LearningCentral, into a fully custom LMS for their clients, completely transform the learning content governance process in an organization or provide frameworks and tools so clients can build their own products. 
  • Learning as a Service. With the increasing technical advancements in learning ecosystems, there’s a fast-emerging digital divide in the Learning and Development scene, with smaller organizations finding it increasingly difficult to afford the best learning technology. Learning as a Service is built for small and medium businesses. From developing a learning strategy to building, deploying, and managing learning technology, DelphianLogic’s Laas is an affordable packaged offering that covers all aspects of the L&D function.

DelphianLogic has previously been known for offering the first Learning Content Lifecycle Management tool, Content Central, with its automated processes and built-in workflow tools to streamline the entire content lifecycle. This new approach to the market leverages DelphianLogic’s breadth of services and expertise beyond just that solution. It makes it easier to partner with them, taking advantage of the services they have been providing their clients all along. 

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