Brandon Hall Group Research Published Feb. 20-26

Last week, Brandon Hall Group published 14 new resources –  2 new proprietary research resources, 2 award-winning case studies from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, 6 award-winning technology reviews from the 2016 Tech Awards, 2 Solution Provider Profiles, 1 webinar, and 1 blog.

Below we make public some of these resources (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

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Here is an overview of research released Feb. 20-26:

New Research Reports

Focus on Integration: Connecting Learning to the Right Systems (Ebook)

There are many different models and frameworks focused on talent management, but the common thread through all of them is that each talent process is inherently connected to the others, and not just via technology. These connections exist regardless, and technology is the tool to facilitate them. This report combines research and the perspective of Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth to provide insights into how organizations are (and aren’t) integrating learning with other systems and processes, and the practices that are important to make integration work.

How Organizations and Reward Employees (KnowledgeGraphic)

On average, organizations spend almost 7% of their HR or talent management budgets to reward and recognize employees. This includes the enabling technologies. Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 Rewards and Recognition Study shows that about one-third or organizations expect to increase the budget for the next fiscal year. This KnowledgeGraphic breaks down the types of rewards that are given for various milestones, how rewards and recognition are administered, and the most important metrics for measuring the effectiveness of rewards and recognition technology.


2016 Excellence Award-Winning Case Studies

Brandon Hall Group announced its 2016 Excellence Award winners. These case studies, featuring the award-winning organizations, were released for publication:

IBM and Twitter Partnership Certification Program (2016 Case Study)

IBM and Twitter entered into an agreement whereby IBM would become the first Twitter-certified consultancy partner. IBM committed to train 11,100 IBM resources on four tiers of Twitter knowledge — general communication and social collaboration, awareness, knowledge, and expertise. The blended learning approach focused on the learner’s experience while engaging and motivating the IBM practitioners to voluntarily complete the education tiers within the specified time frame.

Proving the Value of Inclusion and Diversity at Accenture (2016 Case Study)

Accenture Services’ India arm has given itself a substantial goal: inspire deeper dialogue about the importance of diversity and inclusion for business growth, and speed up change throughout the industry. Accenture India started with itself, developing a sound diversity strategy to attract and retain the best talent no matter gender, ethnicity, religion, culture, sexual orientation or physical ability.


Award-Winning Technology Reviews

Award-winning reviews of technology advances from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Technology Awards are beginning to be released this week:

UL’s Training and Incident Management Combine for Workplace Safety (Tech Review)

UL EHS Sustainability set out to make it easier for companies to minimize risk and increase workplace safety by providing an extensive environmental, health and safety eLearning library and combining it with the ability to tailor content. The technology also can be customized to turn incidents from the workplace into flash reports that drive home safety messages, raise awareness, enhance learning and help prevent future incidents.

Rustici Software Saves Time, Money for Content Publishers (Tech Review)

Rustici Software’s new Content Controller solves challenging problems for content providers, enabling them to save the time, effort and cost of managing course content and enhancing their ability to track usage and protect their intellectual property and associated licenses. The new program also gives content creators the ability to update existing content and handle courses in multiple languages.

Talemetry Technology Makes Recruiting Proactive (Tech Review)

Talemetry recruiting platform integrates internal sources of talent with external databases and job boards to create pipelines of candidates to support hiring. The goal of Talemetry’s platform is to help organizations be more proactive in recruiting efforts, particularly important for specialized and high-volume positions. The system automatically searches for candidates and attaches them to jobs based on job requirements and competencies.

EdCast Synergizes Formal and Informal Learning (Tech Review)

EdCast is a social learning and knowledge networking platform that offers microlearning, live streaming video, curated expert content, and other forms of formal and informal learning in an intuitive, private network for organizations. EdCast powers HP LIFE’s 175 courses – 25 topics – each available in seven languages. The EdCast Knowledge Network provides complete control, enabling dynamic updates of course materials, a customized learning experience, and continuous user engagement.

Turkcell Creates Mobile Platform to Reach Wide Audience (Tech Review)

Turkcell’s corporate university needed to create an interactive mobile platform to train more than 50,000 employees, distributors and partners – half in the field with just mobile devices. The Technology R&D team designed The Akademim Mobile App. It offers various mobile applications and services such as TV, music, instant messaging, cloud storage and eBook. Downloads number more than 32 million.

Ultimate’s Leadership Action Aids Employee Retention Efforts (Tech Review)

To enhance its programs involving high performance and retention risk, Ultimate Software decided the next logical step would be to empower managers with leadership tools to coach, nurture and keep employees. The Leadership Actions software alerts managers of high retention risks, suggests concrete steps they can take to mediate issues, and provides tools to help them do so.


Solution Provider Profile

G-Cube (2017)

G-Cube Solutions is a one-stop shop for organizations looking for learning technology – be it consulting and advisory, platform, or learning content. Its proprietary LMS, WiZDOM v5.0, is a new-age learning management system — a blend of design and technology. G-Cube Solutions has been around for 15 years, and is one of the few solutions to carry a CMMi Level 3 certification (required by many U.S. DoD and government contracts).

Thomsons Online Benefits (2017)

Thomsons Online Benefits is the business behind Darwin™, a leading software platform for global employee benefits administration, engagement and insight. Thomsons, purchased late last year by Mercer, is devoted to helping HR and rewards professionals deliver impactful, cost-effective benefits programs, by enabling employees to engage with their benefits online, throughout their working lives. Thomsons also supports employers with specialist communication and consulting services to help maximize the impact of their benefits program.



Research Spotlight: Putting People Back into Performance Management

Performance Management gets a lot of attention in the popular press, but most of it focuses on a few organizations that have done away with the annual performance management evaluation or review. Annual reviews are not the critical element of performance management. Success depends on ongoing communication — performance conversations — and clear performance goals that are discussed and adjusted as needed to account for the ever-changing business environment. Brandon Hall Group team looked at the latest performance management research and success stories from organizations that have improved performance management through a people-centric approach.



Strategy First, Then Measure (by David Wentworth)

As we talk more about new learning experiences and incorporating more informal and experiential learning into our efforts, we inevitably end up on the subject of measurement. Everyone gets excited talking about collaboration, games, simulations, virtual reality, etc.; but the excitement comes to a screeching halt once someone asks, “How are we going to measure that?”

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