Brandon Hall Group Research Published Feb. 29-March 6

Brandon Hall Group research: In the past week, we published 23 pieces of research – 3 new proprietary research reports, 13 award-winning case studies, 1 award-winning technology review, 2 answers to research questions from members, and 4 research-based blogs.

brandon hall group research


In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:


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Here is an overview of research released Feb. 29-March 6:

New Research Reports

Competency Management: The Essentials for Better Business Results

This industry perspective takes an in-depth look at the essential components of competency management, from the definition, to challenges, benefits and implementation of competency models. The report combines research, success stories, models, frameworks, and key questions and answers to arm organizations to effectively manage competency and drive better business results.

Measuring Learning ROI

This report features 5 organizations — Ingersoll Rand, Walgreens, American Express, Unilever, AT&T — that have shown strong results from measuring the return on investment from their learning programs. This is a coveted skill that many organizations struggle with, so this provides overviews of leading practices, all of which earned Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Tool to Use: Benchmark Your Mobile Learning Practices

This tool, based on data from Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Mobile Learning Study, allows organizations to benchmark the maturity of their mobile learning practices against organizations that responded to our survey. It also features a mobile maturity model for reference.


Award-winning Case Studies

These case studies – winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards – were released for publication:

Collaborative Platforms Maximize Learning at Tata

Tata Consultancy Services is a $15 billion business services firm based in Mumbai. The organization knows that the landscape of technology, user expectations, and learning is changing, and it settled on a collaborative learning approach to meet the needs of employees. One of the challenges for TCS was to create a learning platform that would mirror social networking platforms with features that would enable networking and learning – a new-generation social ideation platform — where associates are encouraged and rewarded for bringing in new ideas. The three tools used for various purposes include Knome, iQlass, and iON Learning Exchange. This earned TCS a Gold Award for Best Use of Social/Collaborative Learning in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Designing Accessible Training at the VA

Serving a large population of individuals with disabilities, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs puts a heavy emphasis on the accessibility of its training. This case study highlights an anger and irritability management program developed by the government agency as a way to help veterans cope with mental and behavioral health issues. This earned the organization a Gold Award for Best use of Section 508 Requirements for Training Programs in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

IBM’s Project Management Learning Game

As IBM project management continues to mature and the company hires new project managers, especially Millennials, learning through gaming and simulation is now a major component of overall training. Gaming and simulation, such as Innov8 PM, enables IBM to keep up with the exponential rate of change in the world of project and program management. This project earned the company a Silver Award for Best Use of Games or Simulations for Learning in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Scaling Client Learning Support at Studer Group

Studer Group knows the value of patient interactions in the healthcare value chain. In order to scale its support for clients, it needed to more rapidly and efficiently train new coaches with its AIDET plus The Promise methodology. This communication framework is the core of Studer Group’s coaching operations. The learning project included highly complex branching scenarios to help learners practice making decisions in a controlled environment. This effort earned Studer Group a Silver Award for Best Advance in Custom Content in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

IBM Builds Insurance Industry Competencies

One of IBM’s business clients is a large insurance provider, and it had a need to develop its employees’ specialized competencies. The first and most immediate need was to train individuals in insurance domain knowledge and life insurance regulatory knowledge. The resulting training course included a blended learning curriculum consisting of classroom training, reference reading, on-the-job training, and assessments. This earned the company a Silver Award for Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Reforming Healthcare Compliance Training in Australia

Compliance training is a reality for virtually every organization, but it plays a particularly critical part for healthcare institutions and government agencies. In Australia, the Healthcare Education Training Institute (HETI) straddles both of those groups. The organization started out with 20 different LMS solutions, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of tracking. The launch of HETI Online, a new system to unify the learning technology, was carried out in three steps: analyze existing requirements, implement the new system, and review/embed the technology into everyday use. This earned a Silver Award for Best Advance in Compliance Training in the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Cegos and Coface Shift the Sales Approach

This awards case study highlights the Sales Force 1 program developed by learning and development company Cegos and credit insurer Coface. The program was instituted to drive sales performance within Coface. Program KPIs, which all improved during the program’s implementation, included number of proposals submitted, number of contracts signed, and the average size of each contract. This earned the companies a Silver Award for Best Program for Sales Training and Performance in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Social Learning Platform Jolts Usage 50% at Albaraka Bank

In a fast-moving world rife with compliance concerns, having a course-driven learning strategy can leave companies with a perpetual list of updates and upkeep. This was one of the key reasons for Albaraka Turk Participation Bank to shift to a social/collaborative learning strategy. The firm developed social groups within its technology platform that allowed employees to gather around personal interests, work topics, and even by job function. Prior to the launch of the collaboration tool, learning usage across the organization was under 60%; within a month post-launch, the usage rate was nearly 90% across the bank’s 3,000 employees. This earned the Istanbul-based financial services firm a Silver Award for Best Use of Social/Collaborative Learning in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

A Mobile Game Teaching Financial Concepts

This awards case study focuses on Regions Financial Corporation, a banking company serving 16 states in the South. In partnership with Sealund and Associates, Regions developed a mobile golf game that teaches financial concepts as part of a community outreach effort to serve college-bound and current college students new to making financial decisions and managing money. The program earned a Bronze Award for Best Use of Mobile Learning in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

A Gamification Platform for Brain Fitness in Taiwan

This awards case study focuses on the GyriGym, developed by Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry. It’s a ​gamification platform — the first “brain fitness service” designed for Chinese companies. The program earned a Bronze Award for Best Use of Games or Simulation for Learning in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Psychology-Based eLearning Strategy at Honda

This case study examines how a global auto manufacturer shifts its learning strategy. New compliance regulations in the European region required additional training for Honda employees, but there were challenges facing the firm. Partnering with an eLearning solution provider, CDSM, Honda created a program that was able to solve the problems in a consistent manner. The company used experts in educational psychology to create a custom learning strategy for Honda after evaluating its infrastructure, technical environment, facilitation capability, and the digital maturity and literacy of Honda staff. This program earned Honda a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Business English Competency Development at TCS

Each of us often takes for granted the ability to speak the language of our customers, co-workers, and prospects, but this is a challenge for many global organizations. Tata Consultancy Services realized the hindrance this placed upon its ability to serve customers well and decided to partner with Pearson English Business Solutions to help develop its workforce. Surveys conducted for business leaders after implementation showed at least 20% improvement in working relationships and productivity, and a 33% improvement in time efficiency and customer satisfaction. This earned Tata Consultancy Services a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Connecting Teams through Virtual Worlds at Salesforce

As more organizations seek methods to reduce costs associated with traditional training, one of the primary line items on the chopping block is travel. That’s just one of the many reasons Salesforce pursued virtual training for its program kickoff event. In just nine weeks, the company kicked off the project, built the entire virtual world, prepared all speakers, and contracted with vendors — all while designing a unique virtual world that would incorporate all the values of the company, generate enthusiasm, and shift the paradigm for learning. As a result, 90% of the attendees spent at least 18 hours in the virtual world over the four-day event. This earned Salesforce a Bronze Award for Best Use of Virtual Worlds in the 2015 Excellence Awards.


Award-Winning Technology Reviews

Award-winning reviews of technology advances from the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Technology Awards are beginning to be released this week:

Enhanced Employee Referral Functions at iCIMS

In its latest software release, iCIMS has improved the efficiency of employee referrals so that the process is now easier and more flexible from both career portals and from within a job file. Recruiters can now request referrals from employees most likely to have a match within their network directly from a job. Baker Tilly, a client of iCIMS with 2,500 employees, uses the platform to manage its referral program. The company uses creative recruitment marketing to drive referrals and this has resulted in referrals becoming the top source for both candidate quantity and quality of hire. This software helped iCIMS win a Silver Award for Best Advance in Employee Referral Technology in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Technology Awards.


Answers to Questions from Members

One of the great things about being a member of Brandon Hall Group is the ability to ask research questions to our team of analysts and get a detailed answer within 24 hours. These questions answered this week:

  • Please provide for me KPI benchmarks for knowledge management systems.
  • I am searing for statistics that demonstrate an effective relationship between better leadership and better employee engagement. Can you provide?


Research-based Blogs

Building a Great Place to Work: 6 Statistics That Inspire Change

100% of organizations say they want to build a workplace that retains top talent; 0% of organizations have 100% satisfied employees. We know that earning the “great place to work” award is far from easy, but vital for those organizations pursuing the very best business performance. Brandon Hall Group’s Laci Loew identifies the key to success in her latest blog.

Court Decision Illustrates Complexity of Employee Data Privacy

A recent court decision illustrates complex issues of employee data privacy that won’t go away and should be a very strong motivator to make sure your organization’s employee data follows proper data governance guidelines, and that you have the necessary infrastructure (both systems and personnel) to handle new streams of employee data in safe, secure ways. Read Cliff Stevenson’s blog.

How to Drive Behaviors and Performance with Learning

The best learning objectives for training courses are behaviorally-based and action-oriented. Analyst Ben Eubanks shares lessons learned on how to most effectively impact behaviors and performance through learning.

HCMx Radio: Does Your Organization Have a Compelling EVP?

You should be excited to get up every day and go to work, just like you look forward to your weekend activities and seeing your friends and family. On average, people spend more than 75% of their time at work, and in our research we find many individuals to be continuously dissatisfied with their jobs, culture, and work environments, leaving them in constant search of new opportunities. One of the keys to better retention is a compelling EVP, and Brandon Hall Group Analyst Daria Friedman provides insights in the latest HCMx Radio podcast.

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