Brandon Hall Group Research Published Feb. 8-14

In the past week, Brandon Hall Group published 16 pieces of research – 3 new proprietary research reports, 10 award-winning case studies, and 3 research-based blogs.


In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:


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Here is an overview of research released Feb. 8-14:


New Research Reports

3 Talent Imperatives Most Organizations are Overlooking

This industry perspective, by VP and Principal Analyst for Talent Management Laci Loew, focuses on three talent strategies that our 2016 Talent Management research shows are vital for success, but that most organizations are doing little or nothing about. The report identifies and explains the three imperatives — Know Your Workforce, Create an Experience, and Offer Choice — and includes steps to make progress.

KnowledgeGraphic: What’s Different About Talent Management in 2016

People Strategy has become the most important strategy for business success, but 60% of organizations with strategies say they are ineffective. Many organizations don’t have the talent management maturity or building blocks in place to take advantage of the people-centric opportunities that drive improvement. Those few that have changed are getting better business results.

Corporate University Leading Practices

This report focuses on the establishment of corporate universities to achieve business goals. It summarizes recent research, and provides an overview of corporate university programs of Edwards Lifesciences, LPL Financial, and Evans Analytical Group, along with the full case studies, all of which won honors in the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.


Award-winning Case Studies

These case studies – winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards – were released for publication:

Real-Time Learning Analytics at Ingersoll Rand

Despite having multiple systems to measure and track information, Ingersoll Rand faced challenges with having the right information at the right time, and integration proved a substantial problem for its existing solutions. It ultimately settled on a product from Seertech Solutions, which included an effective learning measurement framework and eventually led to a number of dashboards displaying data and analytics from across the organization. This earned the company a Silver Award for Best Advance in Learning Measurement in the 2015 Excellence Awards.


Moving from Readiness to Performance at DIRECTV

In a very competitive industry, DIRECTV technicians must meet high installation standards while delivering a personal and engaging customer experience. To meet this business objective, DIRECTV created a web-based Technician Training curriculum that emphasizes personalized customer experience and technical excellence. This program earned DIRECTV a Bronze Award for Best Custom Content in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Using Simulated Learning Environments at GE Transportation

It often presents problems and additional costs when employees need to access physical assets for training exercises. This is why simulated environments have grown in popularity in recent years, and GE Transportation is making use of them in innovative ways. The virtual tour of the locomotive engine compartment helps learners to grasp concepts and spatial setups better than other types of content. This earned the organization a Bronze Award for Best Use of Custom Content in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Developing a Notary Certification Course

This case study offers a peek into the development process for the Signing Agent Notary certification course developed by the National Notary Association in conjunction with several partners. One interesting aspect is the set of goals and impacts established at the beginning of the program to help guide the development and targeted outcomes. This earned NNA a Bronze Award for Best Certification Program in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Xcelerator: High-Velocity Development at EA

This awards case study focuses on the Xcelerator programs used by Electronic Arts, the developer of entertainment software, to accelerate leadership development across all phases of the company. The goal: thrive through outstanding leadership in a demanding, hyper-competitive business environment where “fast is too slow.” The program earned a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Measuring the Impact of Leadership Development in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Genpact Uses eCornell ASPIRE for Leadership Development

Many companies want to develop a strong bench of leadership candidates, but they often don’t have the time or expertise to develop a custom program to support the effort. In this case study, we see how Genpact created a leadership competency development program in conjunction with eCornell. The blended program, lasting 10-12 months, includes an eCornell course curriculum, a 4-5 day residential/onsite component, “leader as coach” sessions, and experiential teaching opportunities as “Knowledge Champions.” This earned Genpact a Bronze Award for Best Use of Blended Learning in the 2015 Excellence Awards.


Creating a Culture of Success at Fallon Health

Success comes when organizations align employee competencies with business objectives. In this case study highlighting a Massachusetts-based healthcare firm, we examine the important role of performance management and learning technologies within the organization. Assisted by SumTotal, Fallon Health was able to improve its performance and learning processes, ultimately driving better results and employee satisfaction. This earned the organization a Bronze Award for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Nielsen’s Learning-Enabled Business Strategy

Nielsen is a global customer research firm headquartered in New York. A restructuring effort in 2014 left the organization with a new direction and model for business, but it needed to institutionalize the thinking into its workforce. The company’s Practices Learning Suite is directly tied into the organization’s objectives of transitioning from a product-based focus to a client-based one. A combination of web-based and instructor-led training formed the core of this program. This earned Nielsen a Bronze Award for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Trane Uses Self Service to Fuel Extended Enterprise Learning

Trane revised its delivery system for eLearning content by leveraging a mix of on-demand training and self-service options. The previous system was littered with numerous pain points for users, from a lack of mobile access and/or single sign-on (SSO) to an inability to assign users to roles or integrate with other systems. The shift to the new system, powered by Seertech, helped the organization to resolve the issues and deliver a higher quantity and quality of training to its end users. This earned Trane a Bronze Award for Best Learning Program Supporting a Business Change Transformation Strategy in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

EY’s Blended Approach Powers Consulting Performance

In conjunction with Xerox, EY developed a blended learning program to support needs in its consulting practice. Challenges that required addressing included inconsistent service delivery globally, long onboarding times for new hires, and critical skill gaps that hampered advisory efforts. Through a mix of self-paced activities, video, simulations, and reinforcement, EY was able to achieve these goals. Managers across the organization say they have seen improved quality, productivity, and client satisfaction scores as a result of the program. This earned EY a Bronze Award for Best Use of a Blended Learning Program in the 2015 Excellence Awards.


Research-based Blogs

If You Want to Keep Them, Develop Them

As you reflect upon your talent supply and demand requirements, are you finding it relatively easy to attract new talent to your organization? Or, are you experiencing the same hiring challenges that hundreds of others do? It might be due to something outside your hiring process, such as employee development. In this blog post, Laci Loew explores the links among employer value proposition, development opportunities, and experiential learning.

Learning for the Mobile Workforce

There is another shift underway with mobile learning. It has been hard to keep up with the roller coaster ride that started its long climb the first time a company pushed learning-related text notifications to people’s Blackberries. In this blog post, David Wentworth discusses some of the key changes we’ve seen over the years. In addition, he offers an invitation to an upcoming webinar focused on the latest findings from the Brandon Hall Group Mobile Learning Study.

Using Digital Badges for Learning

As today’s work environment is increasingly influenced by social learning, having something to focus on as a differentiator helps to quickly weed through a population of seemingly similar people. That’s a key use of badges, with people being able to earn them for professional certifications, specific job skills, mastery of technology applications, etc. Digital badging is a gamification element that can be tied in to improve uptake and interest in a learning program, as Ben Eubanks explains in this blog.


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