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Here is an overview of research released March 2-6, 2015.

Research Brief

LMS Selection in High-Consequence Industries: This report provides a checklist for high-consequence industries (HQIs) to use when developing a strategy and requirements for purchasing a learning management system. HQIs include healthcare, financial services, energy, transportation, aviation, life sciences and other industries where accidents or failures can be catastrophic and therefore are highly regulated by federal and/or state agencies.

Research-based Blogs

Data Needs Context, And Now We Have It: Mollie Lombardi looks at the transition of data from single, unconnected points to a unified stream that provides us an amazing characteristic: context. Being able to look at data and information in context brings a whole new meaning, so check out the link below to learn more.

HCM Technology and the Freelance Nation: With the changes in the workforce that are driving more individuals toward freelance and other contingent types of employment, what impact can HCM technology have on this transition? A considerable amount, says Mollie Lombardi. She covers a few technology providers and what they are doing to meet this challenge head on.

Let’s Hear it for Employee Recognition: Employee recognition may be the most discussed topic in human resources today, but there are still new ways to think about how we accomplish this in the workplace. Trish McFarlane gives us insights on combining research and cutting edge technology for recognition practices.

Case Studies

These case studies, available to you by clicking on the links, feature winners of last year’s Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards. Applications for the 2015 Awards Program are open through April 17:

Accelerated Skills Development at GE: This case study focuses on GE Transportation’s effort to improve the quality and efficiency of training on maintenance and servicing procedures for locomotives and engines/motors for drilling and marine applications. The initiative won a silver award for competencies and skills development in the 2014 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Integrating Learning and HR Systems at CIBC: This case study focuses on how Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), along with solution provider SumTotal, upgraded and integrated its learning and HR services through one robust system that created an improved experience for all stakeholders. The initiative earned a silver award for learning technology implementations in the 2014 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Turkcell’s Extended Enterprise MOOC: When organizations think about enterprise training programs, MOOC’s probably aren’t at the top of the list. But Turkcell, a Turkey-based telecommunications provider, developed a MOOC program to engage employees, customers, and the public. This earned the company a Silver Award for Best Extended Enterprise Learning Program in the 2014 Excellence Awards.

Creating Champions of Change at Argos: Business transformations are often wrought with frustration and a lack of clear results. In this case study we look at how Argos Limited, a UK-based home retail organization with nearly 30,000 employees, accomplishes this feat with positive outcomes. This earned the company a Silver Award for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy in the 2014 Excellence Awards.

Personalized Extended Enterprise Learning at Siemens: This awards case study focuses on Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, which expanded its Personalized Education Plan (PEP) for employees to customers and external sales and service partners. The initiative earned a silver award for extended enterprise learning in the 2014 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Other case studies published March 2-6 are:

  • Learning Supports Goodyear’s Business Transformation: This case study focuses on how Goodyear, along with partner Harvard Business Publishing, developed a new learning culture to develop leaders to accelerate the company’s transformation to a market-oriented business model. The effort earned a silver award for learning programs supporting a change transformation business strategy in the 2014 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.
  • Selling the QTS Way: This case study focuses on how QTS Realty Trust and partner Richardson designed a comprehensive learning program to build and reinforce sales competencies and skills, using a blended approach. The initiative earned a silver award for competencies and skills development in the 2014 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.
  • Channel Partner Sales Certification at HP: This case study focuses on Hewlett-Packard’s effort to improve its HP PartnerOne channel partner program by simplifying and streamlining its sales certification programs for the partners. The initiative earned a silver award for certification programs in the 2014 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.
  • Competency Development at Deltek: This case study features Deltek Engineering’s efforts to implement a learning strategy that would foster engineers’ product knowledge while improving systems development and testing. initiative earned a silver award in competencies and skills development in the 2014 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.
  • Moving to an Expertise Culture at Sears: This case study highlights Sears Holdings and its change in learning strategy from an old certification-based model to a new model with embedded gamification elements. This initiative earned a Silver Award for Best Learning Strategy and Governance in the 2014 Excellence Awards.

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