Engagedly: Driving Performance and Engagement Through People Strategy

Engagedly, a leading cloud-based platform, offers a solution designed to change how organizations approach employee recognition, feedback and performance management.

Brandon Hall Group™ research reveals the positive impact of employee recognition and feedback on engagement and performance. Based on an analyst briefing with Engagedly, they tackle this challenge by providing a platform that empowers organizations to:

  • Celebrate Achievements and Milestones: Foster a culture of appreciation by enabling personalized recognition moments, peer-to-peer acknowledgements and virtual rewards.
  • Deliver Real-Time Feedback: Empower continuous improvement with constructive feedback tools that allow for two-way communication between managers and employees.
  • Align Goals and Objectives: Ensure everyone is on the same page by establishing clear goals, tracking progress and providing performance feedback aligned with organizational objectives.
  • Boost Employee Satisfaction and Retention: By fostering a culture of recognition, feedback, and development, Engagedly helps organizations increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.

Brandon Hall Group’s Key Highlights of Engagedly’s Recognition & Feedback Platform:

  • Engaging and User-Friendly Interface: Engagedly prioritizes a user-friendly experience that encourages active participation in recognition and feedback programs. Gamification elements and social recognition features make the platform fun and engaging for all users.
  • Data-Driven Insights and Analytics: Track the impact of recognition and feedback programs with analytics. Identify trends, measure employee sentiment and optimize your strategy for long-term success.
  • Actionable Feedback Management: Engagedly goes beyond simply providing feedback. The platform allows managers to track progress on feedback actions, ensuring clear communication and continuous improvement.
  • Seamless Integrations: Integrate Engagedly with existing HRIS and payroll systems for a streamlined workflow and centralized data management.
  • Flexible and Scalable Solution: Engagedly caters to organizations of all sizes, offering customizable features to accommodate diverse needs and company cultures.

Engagedly positions itself as a leader in the employee engagement space with its focus on personalized recognition, real-time feedback, and data-driven insights. They offer a strong solution that addresses the growing need for effective employee engagement strategies, empowering organizations to build a more motivated, productive, and satisfied workforce.

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Michael Rochelle

Prior to joining Brandon Hall Group, Michael was the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder at AC Growth. Michael serves in a variety of roles including overseeing research and advisory support for organizations and solution providers. Michael is one of the company’s principal analysts covering learning and development, talent management, leadership development, HR, talent acquisition and DEI. Michael brings nearly 40 years’ experience in executive leadership roles, including human resources, information technologies, sales, marketing, business development, M&A, strategic and financial planning, program management and business operations in a wide variety of organizational settings. Michael is a graduate of the following certification programs: Kirkpatrick Four Levels™ Evaluation, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and Strategy Focused Organization and Office of Strategic Management.

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