HR Metrics are More Than Just Measurements

hr measurementAccording to the recent Brandon Hall Group Talent Management Systems survey, nearly 70% of employers who were considering a change in talent management systems wanted to do so in order to enhance their reporting and analytics capabilities.

Check out this short video for a key reminder when it comes to measuring data.

When we talk about metrics, analytics, and business intelligence, it’s all too easy to forget that measuring human resources, talent acquisition, or some other function of human capital management isn’t the goal.

It’s an objective.

Yes, we need to do it, but it isn’t the end of the process. At the end, after we’ve spent all the time and effort measuring human resources as best we can, all we have is data.

And it’s what you do with that data that matters.

In 2013, Ultimate Software won a Gold award in the Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards for doing exactly what I’m talking about.

They decided to use the data they had collected to create their Retention Predictor product. The tool looks at various data points in an employee’s profile and provides a score to give the organization an idea of the employee’s retention probability. That’s powerful information to have on hand.

I’ll say it again: measure all you like, but then do something with the HCM data. Maybe it confirms your direction, or maybe you learn that your efforts are not driving the results you had hoped. Whatever the case, make sure you’re taking that final, critical step when it comes to measuring HR data.

How mature is your organization when it comes to gathering, and acting on, data insights?

Ben Eubanks, Associate HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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Ben Eubanks



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Ben Eubanks