Skillsoft and MIT Sloan Management Review Launch Innovative Leadership Development Program

By Claude Werder, Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

Brandon Hall Group just completed our 2019-20 Leadership Development research and I am sorry to report that most organizations are not making progress in evolving their LD programs to have more business impact.

For the second straight year, only one-third of organizations told us their LD programs significantly impacted their organizations’ ability to meet business objectives. Less than half of organizations believe they are equipped to sustain an effective leadership program.

Addressing the correct competencies is one of the key barriers employers cited. Many organizations lack consensus on how leaders should think and act. In the 2020s, businesses require leaders with digital-age competencies such as emotional intelligence, learning agility, collaboration, critical thinking, cognitive thinking, leading innovation and many more. In fact, digital-age competencies are becoming table stakes as AI impacts organizations at all levels.

The research shows that most organizations know they will need more help from third-party providers and consultants to reshape their leadership programs to impact the business. An innovative new program deserving serious consideration is The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program, powered by MIT Sloan Management Review, a research-based magazine and digital platform for business executives published at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The co-branded resource, announced Dec. 11, offers a multi-modal learning experience targeted on critical digital-age leadership skills. It provides what so many organizations have not been able to deliver on their own – leadership training designed to keep pace with the age of AI in which continuous learning and adaptability are required to position leaders and businesses for success.

It will include:

  • Content and insights from MIT Sloan Management Review authors, curated into the Skillsoft Leadership Development content library
  • An immersive learning experience via Percipio, Skillsoft’s intelligent learning-experience platform
  • MIT Sloan Management Review authors and editors participating in Skillsoft’s interactive Live Events series
  • A co-developed Leadership Digital Readiness Assessment designed to provide a diagnostic indicator of an organization’s current ability to prepare for and capitalize on the digital disruption in their respective industry

Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 HCM Outlook Survey reveals that the top concern among business and human capital management leaders heading into next year is retaining their best people. That starts with leadership. Succession planning and preparing emerging leaders will get the heaviest investment in leadership development next year. That is a dramatic shift from previous years when succession management and frontline leadership development did not crack the top 10 priorities.

But the investments won’t pay off unless the learning develops leaders with innovation, team and growth mindsets who have the communication, collaboration and continuous adaptability skills to drive their own success while instilling these mindsets throughout the workforce.

Resources like the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program powered by MIT Sloan Management Review accelerate your ability to develop leaders who can help your organization succeed in the 2020s.

Claude Werder, Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

Claude Werder is Brandon Hall Group’s Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst. He focuses on Leadership Development and Talent Management. Brandon Hall Group is a leading research and analyst firm with Practices in Learning & Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management/Core HR.

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