Looking for Examples of Success Within an Organization?

If you are looking for examples of how organizations have successfully implemented learning programs, talent programs and/or leadership development models for growth, motivation and success within an organization . . . then, look no further. Brandon Hall Group’s Member Center is busting at the seams with Case Studies that show excellent examples of innovative programs that work. Check out some of these Case Studies and learn more:

Case Studies

  • Role-based IT Security Training at OPM (Case Study)
  • Online Learning for the Healthcare Industry (Case Study)
  • Security Savvy at CA Technologies (Case Study)
  • Genworth Integrity First Course and Compliance Awareness Week (Case Study)
  • HCA: On the Path to Greater Respect and Inclusion (Case Study)
  • Telstra Compliance Program (Case Study)
  • Workplace Harassment : Prevention and the Law (Case Study)
  • Warner Brothers: Behind the Shield (Case Study)
  • NBC Universal Environmental Health and Safety, EHS e-Learning Curriculum Project (Case Study)
  • AlliedBarton Security Services (Case Study)
  • For IBM, Virtual Events Mean Real Results (Case Study)
  • Cummins: Coaching for Sales Results (Case Study)
  • CIS Sales ? Sales Leadership (Case Study)
  • DHL’s Certified International Specialist Onboarding Program (Case Study)
  • Wellpoint: Compass New Hire Program (Case Study)
  • Workforce Alliance Talent Matching Model (Case Study)
White Paper
  • Cloud Computing 101: A Brief Overview  Cloud computing is quietly changing the world in which we live and work. It’s a game- changer, a disruptive technology that’s impacting our work and personal lives, albeit quietly and without much fanfare. There is no shortage of confusion around cloud computing since people use the term to mean different things. This white paper provides you with a basic working knowledge of what cloud computing is and some of its attributes and potential disadvantages.  (White Paper)
  • Learning Meets Big Data   In the age of Big Data, learning functions are still falling short in the area of managing data and conducting honest self-assessments of learning functions using data. In a recent Brandon Hall Group survey, over 42% of respondents had not heard of Big Data analytics and over 80% were unable to explain Big Data’s potential impact on the learning industry. This white paper, by Brandon Hall Group’s VP Research Stacey Harris, sheds some much-needed light on how data analytics can help you create effective learning focused on performance outcomes. (White Paper)
Solution Provider Briefings
  • Allen Communications  (Custom Content) (Briefing)
  • Mzinga (LMS) (Briefing)
  • Rustici Software’s SCORM Cloud (Briefing)
  • Rustici Software’s SCORM Engine (Briefing)
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