There Is No “I” In TEAMWORK

The success of every company is dependent on their ability to adapt to rapid and unexpected changes and embrace change. They must be organizationally limber to cope with dynamically changing internal and external forces and most importantly, a company needs to proactively respond to employee and customer needs vs. being constrained by outdated knowledge and processes that have not evolved.

Today’s technology and innovative thinking have revitalized mentoring making a “team” environment. No longer does a company expect each employee to stand alone and be productive as an individual. Mentoring is not about one-to-one relationships between senior leaders and potential successors, today’s mentoring is focused on removing the barriers between people and engaging them in rich learning and teaching opportunities and offering an environment of learning, engaging and “teamwork”.

The ability to take knowledge and feed it into the organization in a systematic way that addresses the business challenge at hand, communicates the reason for change, informs the workforce of their new expectations and provides the opportunity to build/acquire the requisite skills and competencies to meet the challenge is key in modern mentoring even further instilling the “team” atmosphere that makes an organization stand above its competitors.

Join Michael Rochelle, Chief Business Development Officer for the Brandon Hall Group, and Randy Emelo, President and CEO of Triple Creek, as they discuss the strategies that make modern mentoring more valuable than ever.  Be a part of the “team” and register for this informative webinar on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 1 pm EST.

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